«Parting» Op.20b

Three lyric pieces for Flute and Piano.

The intense pain of a parting cannot be measured in words. The whispering wounds are always there and you are reminded of what could have been, if only... Perhaps one day; perhaps. With the themes written in 1994, this is another lyric duet for flute and piano. The first movement has a polyrhythmic foundation with an ethereal main motive consisting of triplets and quintuplets. The second movement embraces one of Beppe's most touching and melodic themes, a theme which is also used in the symphonic poem «Theh Goldest» Op.27. «Parting» Op.20b (1994) ends with a long lasting, special bass chord on the piano. After this tranquil, pensive and haunting ending of the album, we leave it to the silence to take over the stage.

Category: Chamber

Instrumentation: Flute, Piano

Composer: Flint Juventino Beppe

Year composed: 1999

First performance: December 5, 1999

Duration: 10:30


  1. I (2:40)
  2. II (5:20)
  3. III (2:30)


First performed by Tom Ottar Andreassen and Wolfgang Plagge.

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